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The Full Story


The Poet's Way. Everybody is a Poet in their own way. Everybody is a singer, they just have to find their voice & their song. Everybody is a Speaker. They just have to live their lessons & be able to articulate them. They just have to find their story. Everybody is an athlete, they just have to find their sport. This is the story of my life's work. We are taught to focus on 1 thing & aim to be the best at it. No matter how empty or lopsided it leaves us as a human. Spiritual Law says, aim to tbe best in the fullest extent of your greatest capacity. Stretch out & give the best of you to the world, from your core to your fingertips & do not forget about others during your endless refinement of self, in doing so, you will liberate infinite souls simply by having the audiacity to shine your brightest. Because you do, you represent the hopes & dreams of so many who have it in them, but never had anyone to help them let it out. When the gifts are displayed in Love, your story becomes a beacon of light that ushers ships towards their own shore, back to their own truth.


To honor God. To Unify. To bring people together in love. To unify individuals with each-other & with The Divine. Re-Member. To hear the heart & have the power to focus the mind. To explore deeper truths & to transcend the bounds of ordinary existence. This is my Mission.


The greatest realization of all.


I feel you, because I am You. 

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