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I have always felt our physical functionability to be of paramount importance to the way we operate as a whole. On a very base level, we are talking about the mechanics of our body and what we are able to do with it, endure because of it, and thrive in; due to it. Our body's ability to function well touches every single deep dark corner and crevice of our lives. One simply cannot be there best human, when their physical & mental well being is not being cared for. The ultimate pinnacle of success with regards to physical functionality of the human, is in essence, the answer to this question, "How well does our physical being function in different scenarios and environments?"

It is our greatest tool to execute all that we desire to be. Most of our outcomes in life are, at least in part due to where our desire meets our physical abilities. But even a base understanding of our bodies function-ing, is highly complex. A working of interconnected systems beginning from what is happening within us at a molecular level and how our cells assemble, determining and inclusive of the various functions of our organs, and every other "system" from nervous, to skeletal, to muscular, all working together, to ultimately determine how we successfully navigate various environments, temperatures, and terrains.

There is a relationship that develops with the world around us, through the contraction and expansion of our cells. Through the five senses, we learn of our bodies excellence. Not only in what it can do, or output, but by honing in every aspect of what it can take in or "input". Breaking down our 5 senses, and turning the dial to max on each. How well do we smell? How well do we taste? How well do we feel? How well do we see? How well can we hear? These are the systems we have which determine how excellent our input metrics are, and the first of these that determine ability is based on the physical mechanism, which is not to be confused with the intention and attention to the mechanism. In other words, the question, "How well do you hear?" Is very different than, "How well are you listening?" One deals with "ability" the other with "capability".

There are many reason to try and push ourselves physically. Regardless of the reason, all attempts yield abundant rewards in how we function at everything. Every sport, every task, every daily ritual, and every work day all our affected by our bodies physical well being. Even down to how we rest. Moreover, we still have not discussed, some of the greatest benefits, which are in the brain with the preventative degeneration of brain matter; and in the mind with the mental fortitude and self assuredness. 

To be clear, training for physical performance and ability is a very different form of training than training for aesthetics or what is generally referred to as "fitness" in the modern area. One is taking into consideration the ability to perform at optimum level at all costs, the other is hyper focused on the amplification of muscle fibers in targeted areas, lending to localized strength, but little cohesive or applicable gain.

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